Note: Graphic Shop updated every Saturday
For Leafy's sister:
For Sophie:
For Sally:
For Newbie:
For Bff Sophie!:

Banners by Lea:

For Sophie:
For Sharina:
For Sophie:
For Sally: 
Hey guys, so as you can see, I closed the old graphic shop and welcome to the new one! 

So me and my sister,Lea, will make graphics for you guys!

 Heres an icon example:
               (By Leiz)
Here's a banner example:
               (By Lea)

Commenting ways for icons:

1.Tell us what kind of hero you want on your icon, and tell if it's a girl,boy or alien too.
2.Tell us what the color of your boarder is.
3.Tell us what the text will say and what color.
4.Tell us the background.
5.Tell us what kinds of things shall be put in your icon like, for example,a unicorn.

Commenting ways for banners:

1.Tell us what hero shall be in the banner and if it's a girl,boy or alien.
2.Tell us the color of your boarder.
3.Tell us what the text will say and the color too.
4.Tell us what the background is for your banner.
5.Tell us if you want some other stuff in your banner like a unicorn.
So me,Leiz,will work on icons and my sis,Lea,will work on banners.




    May 2013