Sup, guys?! MISS YA ALL! Long time no see! Anyways, HAVE YOU heard about the upcoming SECRET AGENT PARTY?! I'm soo excited for it to come! More than ever! Well, let's all get in to the discussion. As you can see, I have facebook and having facebook, Space Heroes Universe posted something! Wanna know what it is?! Get excited for this SUPER COOL NEW STARJET!
Sorry for the boy and alien heroes that I didn't post some of their starjets. But, the problem is I don't have the pics! But anyways, DO YOU GUYS THINK IT'S SUPER AWESOME?! Well, it will be more than that when the party comes! Anyways, I need to go now cause I still need to put nasty nuts in Secret Cages! Lolz! Anyway, have fun!
Oh yeah! Before I say goodbye, check out this pic I draw in support for the party!

~Secret Agent Leiz



Sophie SHU
08/03/2013 4:32am

nice graphic 8-)

08/03/2013 5:59am

LOL thanks alot! :)


How you draw it?

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