Hey heroes since almost all authors are posting secret agent party fanart I decided to post mine. If you want to see it in my blog click this link: http://sophiesshucheats.weebly.com/blog.html =D
looks wierd right? well thats all for now if you want my S.A.P review click the link I posted =) cya peeps! ~Secret Agnet Sophie


08/13/2013 11:44pm

I would be asking this for Leiz

Where you get that pink sparkly heart backround? -_-

Thanks reply to me

08/14/2013 12:35am

Oh, in reply for your question sally, I got it from glitter graphics. Sophie did the background editing. Why not ask Sophie? :D
(I really don't know what is the asnwer to your question though)
For Sally,

08/15/2013 12:38am

By the way I saw it but when i pasted it's HTML Embed the backround is on the element area and not on the sides even when I publish it. its the same

How to make it be on sides? :?


Sophie SHU
08/15/2013 11:00pm

hey sally it wont show when your editing the blog but it will show when you publish... If you dont get what I mean check your blog

08/15/2013 12:40am

PS this comment is reply for sophie the one that is the one that about the backround is not on sides thingy stuffters


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