Hey guys! Haven't you heard that I play fantage before? I still remembered what I looked like before I quit playing it. BTW, just read these info about me in a Fantage version:

What I looked like:

I'm actually a Premium Member then after I got membership, I bought this Candy Girl Costume and usually, I went playing http://y8.com and I found an advertise about Space Heroes Universe! I thought playing SHU would be fun! So I did everything ready. I got registered and After 2 WHOLE YEARS I did not play fantage anymore. Then sooner, many fantage players Bullied me! So that's why I hate fantage right now! Thanks for reading everything. Click links below!

And everyone's favourite virtual world.....




Sophie SHU
08/09/2013 4:10pm

cool xD can i use it? BTW pink!


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