Space Heroes Universe is a virtual world where kids register and play,
Actually,Space Heroes Universe has a history...And here is the history!
Before,Space Heroes Universe has an old name,It's old name was 'Little Space Heroes' and it was created on April 2011/2012(I'm not sure),Where they launched BETA.I don't have the pics in Beta cause I didn't register that early,Then after a month,The beta was finished,then the another virtual world came....Where they changed the Beta suit to the suit that we are using this time of year,Then when a month in 2012 came,The name 'Little Space Heroes' is replaced by a new name which was called 'Space Heroes Universe'. And when the game was still called 'Little Space Heroes', They called it 'LSH', and this time they changed 'LSH' to 'Space Heroes Universe', Which they called 'SHU'.
And that's all about it. :D
Happy Adventuring!

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